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For Sale:  $25,000 USD  -  Friesian - Sweet, Athletic, Talented, Biddable
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MELLOW best describes Tux! He is so easy going and unflappable. Yes, he is young but he is an old sole. He goes trail riding alone and will lead down the trail when with others. He is not looking for spooks and so KIND! He is athletic but at this time we are just riding him on the trails while he matures.
Tuxedo has three lovely gaits. He is best at the canter right now. He has no bad habits, loads in trailer perfect and ties quietly for hours. He gets along perfectly with his group in the pasture/paddock area even with mares, geldings and babies.
He currently stands 17H tall. REALLY! His mother is a draft cross and dad is a full blooded modern style Friesian. He is growing up but not out just yet. Tall and lanky but so willing to please!

Tuxedo is and easy going 2011 gelding. Lovely mover with good reach from behind and extension in front. He will make a wonderful all around horse from dressage, eventing or combined driving. Anything you want. Sensible and willing!!!

Should mature HUGE! Mom is a pinto Spotted draft x mare 16.2 H. Dad is Mario, Friesian stallion standing 16.3 H.

Would make a wonderful all around performance horse, eventer, jumper, dressage or whatever you wish to do. Sensible guy with tons of personality!


For Sale:  $25,000 USD
Name: Tuxedo Friesiansporthorses.com
Breed: Friesian
Registered: Yes
Sire: Super Mario -Purebred Friesian stallion
Dam: Paint/Pinto mare

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Ad ID: 29941
Updated: 11/19/2014
Foaled: 2011
Gender: Gelding
Height: 17
Color: Pinto
Temperment: 2
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Dressage: Prospect
Driving: Prospect
Hunters: Prospect
Jumping: Level 1 (3ft 0in)

Registries: Friesian Heritage, Friesian sporthorse, Friesian Bloodhorse.

Current Location: Kellogg,  MN,  USA

Wow! This guy is a lovely mover with a fantastic mind! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EDAKr18z3A




Name: Kari  Schmidt
Farm: 1A Awesome Sporthorses
City: Kellogg
State/Province: Minnesota
Country: United States of America
Phone: 507-534-3311
Work Phone: 507-251-1909

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Would you like a WELL ROUNDED horse? One that can ride, drive and trail ride? This is what we offer! We have a trainer that starts our horses the right way. She teaches them the natural horsemanship way. She enjoys helping the horse learn in a gentle and patient way. Sarah is an amazing trainer that teaches the basics to our young horses in a patient yet firm way. She asks then tells. She gets happy forward, soft and responsive youngsters when she is done. She teaches them to move the forehand, haunches and middle. What straightness is and how to lift their shoulders. They understand and retain what they learn. They learn self carriage NOT being pulled into a frame. She then gets them lightly started in the arena and then they do a LOT of trail riding. She rides them out alone and with others. She rides them through cattle pastures and through low creeks. She wants them to learn that riding is FUN and interesting. We want you to have the best minded horse possible! This gives them a nice rounded start. You can take them on and finish them.

Kari is a long time breeder of show dogs and horses. She understands the need for wonderful structure for excellent movement. Quality mares are selected to be bred to exceptional stallions to produce outstanding prospects.

Our foals are raised as naturally as is possible. The foals are allowed turn out 24/7 and are living in a herd. We live on a busy road with many semi's and cars whizzing by their pasture. They learn not to pay attention to the noise and movement. Many of the foals are taken in parades, to the county fair to be on exhibit in the FFA barnyard, at the town festival for display for the FFA and some even go an trail rides with their mother and get exposed to all sorts of things that a horse should see. Our foals are imprinted at birth, trained to handle their feet, clip, tie, load in the trailer and just see the world in general. They live with a llama,sheep, and occasionally hogs and cattle so they are accustom to many different animals in their environment. Our babies are visited by us many times during the day and handled daily. They rarely get put in a stall and are usually out on pasture in a herd with mares, foals, yearlings, and our Friesian stallion. They are all happiest when kept this way and they are allowed plenty of room to stay out of trouble but allowed to understand how a horse should behave to live in a herd. (No hot house foals at our facility). Our babies are friendly and outgoing yet respectful and gentle as are our mares.

We breed for an excellent amateur horse meaning they are extremely naturally talented yet not hot headed or minded. We want the professionals and amateurs to come and purchase our youngsters and be able to bring them along easily and be able to go up the levels without stress on horse and rider. Who needs a freaky horse?? We all want a good minded, kind, loving and biddable mount! Come see our website. It is FULL of good photos and video that show our horses. We have horses that are BIG movers!!!

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Thanks for your interest in
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Super Mario -Purebred Friesian stallion

Paint/Pinto mare

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