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Date Placed: Friday, February 13, 2015
Breed Wanted: Any
  Warmblood Broodmare Wanted

I would like to lease or purchase a broodmare between the ages of four and ten, 16 hands or larger, EVA negative, maiden mares ok. Exceptional care provided. Small breeding farm located in Northern California.
Buyer: Marija Vulfs
Phone: (571) 425-0826


Date Placed: Thursday, February 12, 2015
Breed Wanted: Dutch Warmblood
  ISO KWPN broodmare

Looking for a registered Ster or keur KWPN mare for breeding. Preferably 16+ hands born between 2001-2011. I have an amazing farm, top-of-the line care and exceptional references. Looking to give a special mare a great home.
Buyer: Diana


Date Placed: Saturday, January 24, 2015
Breed Wanted: Oldenburg
  Pinto warmblood or Bay with tons of chrome

Looking for a black and white or dark bay and white gelding with potential for jumping. Must be level headed and brave.
Will look at anything between 3 years and 12..between 15.3 and 17 hands...and open on prices. Price must reflect training if any.
Please send pictures and information.
Would even consider a bay with a lot of chrome on legs and face, append crosses ok for this horse
Buyer: Melissa


Date Placed: Monday, January 19, 2015
Breed Wanted: Any
  Looking for a hunter and/or dressage mare/filly

Here is what I am looking for:

-A mare or filly for dressage and hunters. I would like to show in both, with a focus being on the hunter ring.

-Here are my following riding goals: (Please consider if your horse is, or truly has potential, to be athletic enough and willing enough to achieve these goals).
***As mentioned I would like to compete, mostly in the dressage and hunters. I would like a horse that can do a little of both. If hunters is more of the horse's forte' than I would be competing in the amateur owner divisions. (Therefore, I would not be jumping more than 3'3"). In fact, I don't EVER plan on jumping any higher than this level.
As of now, I have only ever schooled and showed up to 1st level. It would be nice to have a horse that could go higher (at least to 2nd level) but again, its not a main focus.
I believe a well-rounded horse stays sane and fit. Therefore, I would want to be able to trailer the horse to the park to go on trail rides and dabble in a bit of low-level cross country, every now and then.

- I am willing to take a green or made horse/filly, as I have experience with bringing green horses along and always work with a trainer. As a side note, I believe in taking things very slow with a green horse, especially the warmbloods!

-Does not have to be a WB. I am willing to look at anything from German riding ponies to TB's. (TBs that have been lightly raced is fine!)

-I am also very flexible on age. However, for any mares past the age of 10 I would prefer if they have successfully had, at least, one baby, with no issues. I have experience breeding and would like to breed in a few years, (for myself) again. This is a preference but certainly not a deal breaker.

-Obviously the horse must be sound, healthy and have good conformation.

-I am also flexible when it comes to temperament. I don't mind a "hot" horse but there is a difference between sensitive and hot and unpredictable, poorly trained, needs a severe bit, ill mannered and lack of work ethic. On the other hand, same goes with a quiet horse. I do not like a horse that is completely dead to the leg, needs constantly spurred and whipped to make the slightest movement.

-I would like a horse that is between 14.1-16.3hh. I am only 5'2, which allows me to ride ponies but I can also handle a big horse and ride a big stride.

-This horse will have a forever home. NOT to be resold.

-I have references available, if desired. In turn, I may ask the seller's permission to access any old or current vet records, during a pre-purchase exam or if I am traveling far to come see a horse. Therefore, please be honest and upfront about the horse's health/soundness history! (I will not waste your time and I ask that you don't waste mine, either.)

-I am currently located in the Midwest but will be moving near Philadelphia, PA in the spring of 2015. Just let me know where the horse is located when contacting me and I will let you know if its too far for me to travel.

-currently, my budget does not exceed 6,500 US dollars. This will be stretching in the next year, but for now, this is my limit. I know its not much and I realize that whatever horse I buy in this range may have some issues. Its just a question of what those flaws are and if they will impede with my riding goals. However, I am very experienced and specialize in finding "diamonds in the rough". If you feel that you have a horse that is or could be a good match, please feel free to e-mail me or call me. I promise an open and honest dialogue to make sure the horse and both parties are happy!
Buyer: Julie
Phone: 717-984-8600


Date Placed: Friday, January 02, 2015
Breed Wanted: Any
  ISO Eventer for Lease or Sale

I am a C3 Pony Clubber and have evented up through Preliminary. I am looking for a horse to move up to the higher levels on. I would prefer a lease or lease to buy option. Looking for a horse that is 16+ hh. If the horse has upper level eventing experience age doesn't matter. If the horse is just a prospect I would like something younger than 11 yo. I am located in Strasburg, willing to do an onsite board if horse is close.
Buyer: Julianna Follmar
Phone: 6106219514


Date Placed: Saturday, December 27, 2014
Breed Wanted: Any
  ISO Schoolmaster for enthusiastic JR/YR

Seeking 4th Level schoolmaster for aspiring, strong, committed and enthusiastic JR/YR who hopes to finish earning her Bronze (and go for Silver) before going to college. Willing to consider lease options, older horse, maintenance req. If you have anything that fits the above description please email or
Buyer: Cynthia Johnston
Phone: 2029040638


Date Placed: Saturday, December 20, 2014
Breed Wanted: Sport Pony
  Fancy Hunter Pony And Jumper Type

ISO: 2 Ponies.....

1. Fancy Green Large Hunter Pony. Mare or Gelding, but should have a large step, good brain, and be at least under saddle a few times.
2. Large Pony Jumper, can be hot, but must be honest to the jumps 1.10m scope-and event ponies welcome too!

Serious buyer, ready to purchase now.
Please Email with videos, information and contact information. THANKS!
Buyer: Jeanne


Date Placed: Monday, December 15, 2014
Breed Wanted: Any
  LF: Quality PSG/GP Dressage Prospect

Must be schooling at least 3rd Level
Mare or Gelding
8-4 years old; will consider younger, if older must be at least confirmed PSG
MUST be in the Ottawa, ON Canada area with availabilities to view on Friday the 19th or Saturday the 20th of December. High 5 Figures - 6 Figures Price Range.
Email with information, pictures and videos!
Buyer: Mel


Date Placed: Sunday, December 14, 2014
Breed Wanted: Any
  Steady training level horse wanted, excellent home

I have a dear friend in search of an uncomplicated, sturdy partner. Slightly timid but competent (independent seat, quiet tactful rider) adult rider getting back into horses. Looking to do low level dressage, needs a 4 day a week type horse with a reliable canter depart and uphill balance. Steady in the bridle, etc. to inspire confidence. Does not need to be a schoolmaster as rider will be in training and hopes to move up the levels with this horse. All breeds considered, stocky 15.1hh+, registered horses preferred, geldings strongly preferred. Budget under $10k. Please send video if possible along with phone number.
Buyer: Britta Tenjk


Date Placed: Thursday, December 04, 2014
Breed Wanted: Any

I feel like I should tell you all reading this a little about myself. I just recently turned 18 on November 19th and i just got the opportunity to own a horse of my own. I've been riding since I was about 6 years old and have always been completely inlove with horses and infatuated with everything about them. I feel like I have a certain kind of connection with them and they're what makes me happy. I would be boarding at bridlewood equestrian which is 20 minutes from my house so I would be at the barn all day everyday. I also do online school so I would get to spend almost all my time with my horse. Im so excited to further my riding career. I'm looking for a partner to compete next year and hope I can find one soon. The horse I find will not only be my partner but a life long friend that I can grow with. Looking for 16hh-17hh. I have been looking for a paint or dapple grey but color isn't really a big deal. Feel free to contact me! Offering 8,000 + shipping expenses and possibly tack. Thank you :)
Buyer: Kaitlyn


Date Placed: Thursday, December 04, 2014
Breed Wanted: Any
  ISO top Dressage prospect- coming 3 year old

ISO international dressage prospect. 2012, 16.2+H mature height. Any color but gray. Any sex. Prefer Hannoverian, ISR, Old NA, or KWPN but gelding can be any approved breed.
Gaits must be a 9, active hind leg. Horse should have ground manners: clip, cross tie, lead, stand for farrier & vet, groom, and load.
Horse must be located US or Canada.
Please send me your contact information and attach horses papers and approval remarks. Thank you!
Buyer: Madeline
Phone: 775-690-3218


Date Placed: Monday, December 01, 2014
Breed Wanted: Dutch Warmblood

Buyer: Norbert
Phone: 561-866-2070


Date Placed: Sunday, November 30, 2014
Breed Wanted: Friesian
  2nd -3rd level Dressage horse wanted

I am Looking for a friesian sport horse training 3rd level dressage. I am tall and will need the horse to be 16.3 -17. Hands.
Buyer: Dawn
Phone: 815-975-2673


Date Placed: Sunday, November 30, 2014
Breed Wanted: Any
  Colored Warmblood Child Friendly

Please no drafts.
Looking for a well broke COLORED (palomino/leopard appy/pinto/dappled) warmblood with a family mentality, no additional training necessary. Will be ridden primarily by niece who is an intermediate rider, not looking to compete seriously but show casually through university. Family horse, must have affectionate personality, good manners, no spook/bite/kick/rear/buck, completely safe and sound, good flat work and ground work. Shouldn't have any concerns about leading a child around on the horse. Some jumping experience necessary for consideration. 16hh + please. No gender preference. 10k max
Located in western NY. Willing to look at horses in suburban detroit/cleveland/pittsburgh/albany areas, and go as far as ottawa across the border.
Buyer: Ausma


Date Placed: Friday, November 28, 2014
Breed Wanted: Any
  Seeking English Hunter Pleasure Champion

Seeking a been-there, done-that kind of Adult Hunter Pleasure winner whom I can start taking to shows now and winning with. Form on the flat must be gorgeous. Form over fences not important and only need a horse who can jump maybe 2'.
Horse must be very calm and extremely safe. No spook or buck can be tolerated. However, horse must move off my leg without my having to resort to spurs or bats to get him/her to move.
Horse must be 16'-16'2". Breed of no consequence. I've owned Warmbloods and TBs, but this horse can be a cross or a paint or even a quarter horse. Horse must keep head completely steady at the walk, trot and canter. No chewing the bit or moving the head around. Trot and canter must be flowing with little or no knee action.
Chrome is not necessary but I am a fool for color so flashy markings are of immense interest to me. That said, loud paints won't work. But blazes, socks and stockings are a definite plus.
I don't have a budget. I expect to find an older hunter who can no longer jump high and who won't cost a lot of money. But if the perfect horse came along I could go fairly high.
Horse will get beautiful forever home. I own a 40-acre hunter/jumper barn right outside Washington, DC. All my horses get great personal care, turnout and medical care.
Buyer: Bonnie Erbe


Date Placed: Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Breed Wanted: Any
  ISO Pinto/Paint Warmblood Pocket Personality

Looking for: PAINT/PINTO warmblood (no drafts)
In your pocket personality is a MUST. No gender preference.
Height: 16hh-17hh
Age: 5-15 years
Experience: Flat work must be solid. Hunter/Jumper experience 3' is preferable, eventing experience would be great. Really looking for a horse who has 'been there done that' attitude.
Location: Southern Ontario - North East States, but will fly for the right horse
Other: 100% sound and safe, no vices, no spook, baby sitter/confidence builder is a bonus.
Under 20k (Max)
Any referrals would be fantastic!
Buyer: Summer


Date Placed: Monday, November 24, 2014
Breed Wanted: Any
  Looking for FEI schoolmaster

Looking for FEI schoolmaster to compete at FEI Young Rider level/Brentina Cup. Prefer Eastern US but will travel farther for right horse. Max budget low six figures. Please contact me if you have anything, thanks so much!
Buyer: JF


Date Placed: Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Breed Wanted: Any
  Dressage partner wanted - amateur (CO)

I am getting back into riding after a few years off and am looking to purchase a new partner. What is important - sound, great personality, intelligent, beautiful big movement. Less important - level of training, show record, upper level showing prospect, breed. I am looking for someone who can do up mid-level dressage/jumping, pref. 16h or above, and will be a long-term partner with room to grow together.

My budget is ~$15k preferably including transport and tack, though I would prefer to be closer to $10 (wouldn't we all!). I am located by Denver, CO.

Please let me know at, if there might be a fit or if you have questions for me. Thanks, Carrie.
Buyer: Carrie


Date Placed: Sunday, November 02, 2014
Breed Wanted: Any
  Dressage Schoolmaster Wanted

Adult amateur seeks a safe and easy to manage confidence builder to begin showing Training/First level in 2015. Some maintenance considered, please specify supplements and injections required. Under 19yo and around 16hh is preferred. Exceptional care offered. Willing to (full) lease or purchase. Location is New England.
Buyer: Beth


Date Placed: Saturday, November 01, 2014
Breed Wanted: Any
  FEI Rider seeks horse/partnership

Experienced FEI rider looking for an owner who has a talented young or intermediate level dressage horse to partner with. Prefer a 5-6 year old second/third level horse (or higher), but will will consider a 4 year old. Horse must have ability and talent. Primarily interested in training and competing the horse to the FEI levels, and ultimately selling horse. Looking for win/win situation with owner. Credentials and references available upon request. Email:
Buyer: Equest


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