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Date Placed: Sunday, November 30, 2014
Breed Wanted: Friesian
  2nd -3rd level Dressage horse wanted

I am Looking for a friesian sport horse training 3rd level dressage. I am tall and will need the horse to be 16.3 -17. Hands.
Buyer: Dawn
Phone: 815-975-2673


Date Placed: Sunday, November 30, 2014
Breed Wanted: Any
  Colored Warmblood Child Friendly

Please no drafts.
Looking for a well broke COLORED (palomino/leopard appy/pinto/dappled) warmblood with a family mentality, no additional training necessary. Will be ridden primarily by niece who is an intermediate rider, not looking to compete seriously but show casually through university. Family horse, must have affectionate personality, good manners, no spook/bite/kick/rear/buck, completely safe and sound, good flat work and ground work. Shouldn't have any concerns about leading a child around on the horse. Some jumping experience necessary for consideration. 16hh + please. No gender preference. 10k max
Located in western NY. Willing to look at horses in suburban detroit/cleveland/pittsburgh/albany areas, and go as far as ottawa across the border.
Buyer: Ausma


Date Placed: Friday, November 28, 2014
Breed Wanted: Any
  Seeking English Hunter Pleasure Champion

Seeking a been-there, done-that kind of Adult Hunter Pleasure winner whom I can start taking to shows now and winning with. Form on the flat must be gorgeous. Form over fences not important and only need a horse who can jump maybe 2'.
Horse must be very calm and extremely safe. No spook or buck can be tolerated. However, horse must move off my leg without my having to resort to spurs or bats to get him/her to move.
Horse must be 16'-16'2". Breed of no consequence. I've owned Warmbloods and TBs, but this horse can be a cross or a paint or even a quarter horse. Horse must keep head completely steady at the walk, trot and canter. No chewing the bit or moving the head around. Trot and canter must be flowing with little or no knee action.
Chrome is not necessary but I am a fool for color so flashy markings are of immense interest to me. That said, loud paints won't work. But blazes, socks and stockings are a definite plus.
I don't have a budget. I expect to find an older hunter who can no longer jump high and who won't cost a lot of money. But if the perfect horse came along I could go fairly high.
Horse will get beautiful forever home. I own a 40-acre hunter/jumper barn right outside Washington, DC. All my horses get great personal care, turnout and medical care.
Buyer: Bonnie Erbe


Date Placed: Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Breed Wanted: Any
  ISO Pinto/Paint Warmblood Pocket Personality

Looking for: PAINT/PINTO warmblood (no drafts)
In your pocket personality is a MUST. No gender preference.
Height: 16hh-17hh
Age: 5-15 years
Experience: Flat work must be solid. Hunter/Jumper experience 3' is preferable, eventing experience would be great. Really looking for a horse who has 'been there done that' attitude.
Location: Southern Ontario - North East States, but will fly for the right horse
Other: 100% sound and safe, no vices, no spook, baby sitter/confidence builder is a bonus.
Under 20k (Max)
Any referrals would be fantastic!
Buyer: Summer


Date Placed: Monday, November 24, 2014
Breed Wanted: Any
  Looking for FEI schoolmaster

Looking for FEI schoolmaster to compete at FEI Young Rider level/Brentina Cup. Prefer Eastern US but will travel farther for right horse. Max budget low six figures. Please contact me if you have anything, thanks so much!
Buyer: JF


Date Placed: Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Breed Wanted: Any
  Dressage partner wanted - amateur (CO)

I am getting back into riding after a few years off and am looking to purchase a new partner. What is important - sound, great personality, intelligent, beautiful big movement. Less important - level of training, show record, upper level showing prospect, breed. I am looking for someone who can do up mid-level dressage/jumping, pref. 16h or above, and will be a long-term partner with room to grow together.

My budget is ~$15k preferably including transport and tack, though I would prefer to be closer to $10 (wouldn't we all!). I am located by Denver, CO.

Please let me know at, if there might be a fit or if you have questions for me. Thanks, Carrie.
Buyer: Carrie


Date Placed: Sunday, November 02, 2014
Breed Wanted: Any
  Dressage Schoolmaster Wanted

Adult amateur seeks a safe and easy to manage confidence builder to begin showing Training/First level in 2015. Some maintenance considered, please specify supplements and injections required. Under 19yo and around 16hh is preferred. Exceptional care offered. Willing to (full) lease or purchase. Location is New England.
Buyer: Beth


Date Placed: Saturday, November 01, 2014
Breed Wanted: Any
  FEI Rider seeks horse/partnership

Experienced FEI rider looking for an owner who has a talented young or intermediate level dressage horse to partner with. Prefer a 5-6 year old second/third level horse (or higher), but will will consider a 4 year old. Horse must have ability and talent. Primarily interested in training and competing the horse to the FEI levels, and ultimately selling horse. Looking for win/win situation with owner. Credentials and references available upon request. Email:
Buyer: Equest


Date Placed: Thursday, October 30, 2014
Breed Wanted: Any
  Young hunter/jumper prospect!

Looking for 3-8yo 16.1++ warmbloods or warmblood crosses. Hunter/jumper prospects. Less then $7,500.

Ill be in Chicago November 26 to look at horses. Horses need to be located within 75 miles of Chicago!!

Buyer: Kara


Date Placed: Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Breed Wanted: Any
  WANT low hunter w/ dressage training

Possibly an eventer would be best. Need a horse that can do "c" or unrated hunter shows, 2 6 mx for a very talented and experienced 13 year old. Would like to be able to cross over to some dressage (higher the level the better, so hence probably an eventer). NO loonies please. MUST have changes (not auto but know what to do if asked). UNDER 16.3 pony (with perm. HUNTER card) ok, top of the line med or large. Don't care about breed. Willing to look anywhere in US
Buyer: Poppy


Date Placed: Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Breed Wanted: Any
  Young Dressage Horse Wanted

I'm an experienced rider looking for a dressage horse to bring up the levels. Green and young is ok. I would prefer some under saddle experience but would consider unbacked as well as 2012 foals. I am a petite rider at 5'3, 110 lbs so would like to consider 16'1 and under. Prefer New England area, 15,000 and under.
Buyer: Bria Shorten


Date Placed: Saturday, September 27, 2014
Breed Wanted: Any
  Prix St. George Horse wanted for YR

I am looking to qualify for NAYRC in 2015 and need that special horse. This is my last year to qualify as I will be turning 21. I have been riding and competing with a professional trainer for many years. I have had the opportunity to compete thru 3rd level and train thru I-1.
Buyer: M.L.A


Date Placed: Sunday, September 21, 2014
Breed Wanted: Any
  Rapid Response

3 yr old gelding by Hilltop Riverman. Need contact number or email as it doesn't work off website. Please email me at
Buyer: brenda


Date Placed: Monday, September 08, 2014
Breed Wanted: Oldenburg
  event horse

Looking for a young event horse prospect, would prefer for it to have been started under saddle, with potential to do Prelim. 15.3 - 16.3 Prefer geldings, but mare not a dealbreaker.
Buyer: Ellen


Date Placed: Thursday, September 04, 2014
Breed Wanted: Dutch Warmblood
  Black Dutch Warmblood by 2016

Looking for a black or dark colored, Dutch Warmblood (of any gender) that will be trained and ready to ride by midsummer 2016. Age range is 6-12, no preference in bloodlines. Mainly needs to be dressage or eventing. Price range is 13-23,000. Feel free to contact me if there's a possibility!
Buyer: Spencer
Phone: 6628161250


Date Placed: Saturday, August 16, 2014
Breed Wanted: Any
  Hunter Packer

Height: 16hh-17hh
Age: 8-15 years
Breed: Warmblood or Warmblood cross
Experience: Show experience up to 3' preferred, looking for a been there done that type
Location: Preferably within a 3h drive of Ottawa
Other: 100% sound and safe, no vices, no spook
Under 25k
Buyer: Alexa Kirkey


Date Placed: Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Breed Wanted: Any
  Eventing and Dressage

ISO 16-17 hand gelding, age 8-12, WB
To be used by an 11 year old intermediate rider for dressage, and an adult amateur for low level eventing. Need steady schoolmaster with good manners.
Buyer: Sue van der Linden
Phone: 202-841-1929


Date Placed: Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Breed Wanted: Any
  Schoolmaster wanted

Looking for a quiet, sound and experienced horse for a beginner
adult. The ideal horse is older and wiser, a good and patient teacher. Given that we are looking for an older / retired horse we expect to be providing a permanent home for the right horse. The work will be light, limited to two riders - the owners - with only 5 - 7 rides per week. We own 55 acres, have pasture turn out, paddock turn out and trails, 12' x 12' box stalls, 6 other horses who are "retired" due to age or injury, and live on the property. The arena has Pro-Tex (fiber/sand) footing so, it is easy on old joints. My husband is a beginner rider and I am a beginner dressage rider (long time rider). We are just looking for a great horse to teach us and be a companion on trails with our old endurance horses.
Buyer: Natalie Kirkland
Phone: 8572721886


Date Placed: Monday, July 28, 2014
Breed Wanted: Any
  Warmblood semen wanted

Looking for frozen warmblood semen. If you have extra and its reasonably priced I am interested. Please send the price, number of doses, number of straws per dose, any info you have on the stallion or where I can find the info as well as the motility of the semen if known.
Buyer: Jessica Baumler


Date Placed: Monday, July 28, 2014
Breed Wanted: Dutch Warmblood
  Looking for a 17hh + Jumper

Looking for a horse 100% sound and healthy horse that is exercising regularly.

Age: 6 to 14
Height: 17hh+
Has competed at 1.0m level at least.

Looking to buy by end of August.
I am located in Vancouver BC and would love to see few horses at the coming shows at Tbird.
Buyer: Frank


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