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Date Placed: Sunday, March 03, 2013
Breed Wanted: Any
  3-4 y.o. Dressage prospect wanted

Hanoverian, Oldenburg,Westfalian, Dutch, Holsteiner (NO other breeds)
16.2 - 16.3hh (exact measured height, NO suggestions)
black, brown, blood bay or ...grey
should have long stallion-like arched neck
stallion, gelding, or mare
rectangular build
elastic gates
uphill canter in freedom
good placing of hind leg
Please email your suggestion with conformation pictures and videos only. Emals without conformation pictures and video links will NOT be replied to.
Buyer: Liana


Date Placed: Monday, February 25, 2013
Breed Wanted: Any
  Upper Level Consignment Horses!

Are you having trouble selling a talented horse that perhaps lacks experience at the mid to upper levels (Training and above) and wish to get a price that your horse truly deserves? Let me help you campaign your horse while actively selling, marketing and promoting along the way. I have sold over 100 horses in the last two years, and am looking to accept new upper level types into my consignment program! Currently located in the heart of eventing and jumpers in Ocala, Florida, where the market is most active. Our show schedule currently includes: Red Hills, Rocking Horse, the Fork, Ocala CCI, and other major events in this area. Excellent references available, and I work under a current 4* rider in her farm with access to networks across the country. Exceptional rates available.
Buyer: Shannon


Date Placed: Monday, February 25, 2013
Breed Wanted: Any
  Horse Wanted to Board

Hello, I am looking for a horse to buy or lease.(with opportunity to board your horses at my lovely farm.) I have a lovely barn that we just built, complete with two stalls 12'x 16' , 14' ceilings, trailer room, tack room and hayloft that can hold 400 bale of hay. Barn is relatively close to the house, I can look out the window and see it. In front of the stalls is an area where the horses can come in and rest-almost like a three-sided porch. Pasture area approx. 1.5 acres divded into two nice pastures. Fenced with Electro Braid. 20 acres of woods to hack the horses in, along with 7 acres prairie with paths up and down gently sloping hills. If you would like to board a couple horses at my wonderful farm in Ohio, please contact me. Will be available for boarding spring of this year.
If you have a horse that you would like to sell or lease, I will keep it at the farm I described above. I am 5' 8" and will most likely need a relatively tall horse to ride. Price range: -$4000 to buy. Preferably free lease as I am 15 and have not the money to pay 100-200 dollars a month.
If you think this would be an ideal situation for you and your horse, please contact me via email.
Thanks for looking! :)
Buyer: Danielle


Date Placed: Sunday, February 24, 2013
Breed Wanted: Any
  Looking for a school master

Adult amateur looking for a school master to keep my skills up as I train my young horse. Must be PSG or above. Some maintenance ok but horse must be generally sound. Nothing over 17 and can go as small as a large pony. Horse will be turned out during the day in an individual paddock and brought in at night. Im not looking to compete more than one or two small shows a year. No older than 15. thanks for reading.
Buyer: dee


Date Placed: Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Breed Wanted: Any
  Warmblood Gelding Wanted

Looking for a Quiet, mellow, safe WB Gelding, registered preferred, 4-8 years old, 16'2-17h , for Dressage and Low Level Jumping to add to our private farm located in Loxahatchee, Florida please email us with pics, video if you may have a fit within Florida, under 20k a must, no thoroughbreds please.
Buyer: Jamie


Date Placed: Friday, February 15, 2013
Breed Wanted: Any
  WANTED paint/pinto : )


I am looking to buy a paint/pinto gelding that's at least 16hands tall. I'm not so show performance oriented, I am looking to spend 3-4k on a horse that go out alone on trails as well as with others. I've been riding hunter and gymkhana for several years, but this will be my first horse purchase as an adult, (aka without parental funding) so I'm very excited and more than anything I'm looking to buy a relaxed buddy to kick it with. ; ) I have always ridden and loved traditionally handsome warmbloods, especially the stocky build (draft cross is ok.) I am in Los Angeles, CA. Thanks!
Buyer: Lauren


Date Placed: Saturday, February 09, 2013
Breed Wanted: Any
  Eventer Wanted

Hello my name is Madeline Carey, I am currently looking for a new eventer due to my horse artistic problems, where she is now retired. I would love to stay under $5,000. Preferably 16+hh and around the age of 5. I am 16 years old and have been riding for well over 10 years with Caroline Morsehead.
Here is a video of me at a event last summer. i trained this horse almost from the start and we where placing top 10 in everything we where doing this summer......
if you have or know of any possible horses my email is....
thanks so much
Buyer: Madeline


Date Placed: Friday, February 08, 2013
Breed Wanted: Any
  Adult Para-rider needs mount!

I am an adult para-rider searching for a dressage horse, trained to 4th or higher level. I am only 5 feet tall, so a small horse is fine. Need safe, almost bomb proof. Light to leg aids. An older "school master" type horse would be ideal. A "free lease" or almost free horse would be best, as my funds are limited to purchase. Will be kept in good training program by top notch, professional trainer. Kept at very nice barn in Ocala, Florida. I am currently showing at local shows, and have hopes of moving up the ranks to show at FEI level.
Buyer: Annie Gilmore


Date Placed: Thursday, February 07, 2013
Breed Wanted: Irish Draught
  Irish Draught/Irish Sport Horse

Four year old plus. Started under saddle. 15.3 and up. Mare or Gelding. Upto 10K Straight correct movement no vices good temperament.
Excellent knowledgeable life long home offered to right horse
Buyer: Pamela E Nunn


Date Placed: Tuesday, February 05, 2013
Breed Wanted: Any
  3'6" Large Junior Hunter

Looking for a large junior hunter for my daughter(she is 5'8" with a long leg). We are interested in a show lease that begins in March/April and continues thru November. Our budget is approx. $20,000. She competes in Ontario, Canada on the A circuit. I am sure that trainer/facilities will be acceptable but I understand the barn must be approved.
Buyer: Randy


Date Placed: Sunday, February 03, 2013
Breed Wanted: Any
  Looking to Lease/Purchase

Experienced Trainer, D.C. and Program Director of therapeutic riding center looking to lease/purchase young prospect for combined training and hacking. I've had many warmblood projects through the years, it's my way of getting out of the office and widen my love of horses and training. Excellent facility and equine care in North Carolina. Call for more information.
Buyer: Janellen
Phone: (919) 651-9023


Date Placed: Thursday, January 31, 2013
Breed Wanted: Draft/Cross
  Big, kind mare

Update: January 31st, 2013. Another big thank you to all who have sent me words of kindness and encouragement in the past months. There are so many things that I learned from Belle, not the least of which I now know is this: in life, there is love and there is loss, but love is stronger. Belle will never be truly gone as long as she lives in the hearts of those she left behind.

Very sadly, I also said goodbye to Belle's aged mother, Tory, in September. It was her time and another Canadian winter did not bode well for her. She is buried under the apple tree with Belle's ashes. Suffice to say that 2012 was a very, very hard year.

Another thing I have found is that the Primal Will is indeed a primal will toward good, and in July fate brought me Gem. She is a 17.2 Irish Draught mare and she is "A Real Gem", now RID with a bronze premium in jumping. She is a good girl, and I am daring to love again, slowly. I'm going to leave this posted for a while yet in the hope that if there is anyone out there who is facing great loss, this story might give them some comfort. The tears don't go away, but they are only testaments. Love is stronger than loss.

Update: May 17th. Thank you to all who have responded with words of encouragement, support, and leads. Monday would have been Belle's 13th birthday. I am still looking, but many of the horses that spark my interest are sold before I see their ad. Please don't forget about me if you have something special coming up for sale in the near future.

Hello. This is very difficult for me to get out, so please bear with me.

I had a beautiful 17.2hh Clydesdale/Sport horse mare. To say I love her just doesn't seem like enough... I broke the sac the day she was born, let my life revolve around her for 13 years, and she was the loveliest girl in so, so many ways. We rode dressage mainly, with lots of hacking, (she was cool as a cucumber alone or in company, and she never, ever once bucked, reared, kicked... not even as a youngster.) Traffic was never a worry. She was the "anchor horse" when I was out hacking with friends.... if their horses acted up, she was the rock. We were just starting to jump. I'm not a natural there (despite now 40 years of riding experience, my quality lessons were always dressage lessons -- with the rest just forcing me over higher and higher with no real instruction), so at approaching 50 years of age 3' seems plenty big enough to me. Belle had no experience either but she kept me safe. If I was worried coming in or off balance on a landing, she knew it and would just keep me safe. I couldn't even lose a stirrup on her without her checking to make sure I was still aboard. She even helped me ride out and "count cattle" on the farm.

We drove a high-wheeled cart and would go visit the folks at the Old Age home in town. She doted on the attention. She met me every day at the mailbox, and ran to the gate to get a bit of loving. No treats required - just rub her belly. She loved people and despite her great size, she was soft and light. She was trustworthy, and oh so kind. I bred her to a wonderful Irish Draft with the dream of having that part of her forever, for always. But the foal came with its head bent one way, front legs pinned backwards to the other direction, ears first. We rushed Belle to the Vet College 1.5 hours away only to lose both foal and her too. So now I am hurting a lot. I just built a beautiful stable with an indoor arena dedicated to this dream and need to find a way to go on, hoping to find at least a bit of what I had. Big, kind, safe, loving, people oriented. A mare -- not for breeding necessarily, but I have always enjoyed my mares. And I do treasure ever moment of raising Belle and I'm not sure I want to entirely give up that dream of having a foal again, one to keep forever. I'm not sure if I could ever look at another big bay without crying. I am very tall and leggy and although I have ridden horses that are smaller, all the horses I have ever really enjoyed have been over 17 hands (Belle was 17.2, and my joy before her was a 17.3 Percheron/Oldenberg cross.) I like/want a gentle giant under me.

So, now you know. I live in Canada but what is distance really in comparison to finding the right one? I need the right match because I have never sold anything. I'm one of those crazy fools who gets attached -- or maybe one of the lucky ones who is given some truly remarkable horses in her life. But my Belle was far and away the closest, my girl, my "soul friend". My hope is that if I put this message out there, someone might help me connect with something really special.
Buyer: Gail


Date Placed: Thursday, January 24, 2013
Breed Wanted: Any
  Jumper prospect

Looking for a young greenly broke jumper prospect under $6000. Can be as young as three, but would like it to be at least started under saddle a few rides. Nothing older than 8 years old. Preferably located in the southwest as close to SC as possible. No TBs
Buyer: Jill Zabiegala


Date Placed: Monday, January 21, 2013
Breed Wanted: Any
  Tall Dark & Handsome wanted

1st level or above 16.2 or above 5 years -10 years suitable for Young Rider who works with a trainer
Buyer: Allison Deaton
Phone: 5025936245


Date Placed: Saturday, January 19, 2013
Breed Wanted: Any
  Hunter/ jumper

Looking for black, or dark bay gelding or mare with white socks, star,or blaze. 15.3 to 16. Age range 4 to 11 years of age with under saddle experience. Pice range $1,000 to $15,000. Looking for safe, quiet, competitive horse for a young rider. Please email pictures and videos.
Buyer: Amie


Date Placed: Thursday, January 17, 2013
Breed Wanted: Any
  Looking for a 17h+ jumping prospect

I am looking for a warmblood (Will possibly consider other breeds) from 2 to 8 years(Will consider younger if it has the right potential) that will mature 17h+. Must have upper level jumping potential! I would prefer a mare or stallion but I will consider the right gelding. Color is not a big deal.
I am looking to trade for my 15yr, 17h bay TB gelding that has a ton of training on him and could easily be brought back up to 3rd level dressage, also a great barrel horse. I have a yearling sport pony (Connemare X)as well that I may trade(He has great bloodlines and potential for eventing or hunter/jumper). If you have a horse that I may be interested in please contact me with pictures and video and I can tell you more about my horses. Must be in the U.S. or canada.
Buyer: Mackenzie Morrison
Phone: 231-675-3844


Date Placed: Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Breed Wanted: Any
  Looking for a new Partner

Looking for a horse most importantly that I can have fun and grow with. 16 hands or taller- I'm 5 8". Sound, safe, no vices. I don't show but enjoy lessons and clinics. May show in the future. Currently needs to have a solid WTC. Under 10 YO. Would like him/her to have the potential to eventually reach 2nd level dressage. Mare or Gelding. Breed not important.
Sound & Healthy. Under 10K. I'm located in CT. Willing to travel to tristate area. References offered upon request. He/She will have a wonderful home! Free leases also an option.
Buyer: Wendy
Phone: 203-430-4092


Date Placed: Sunday, January 13, 2013
Breed Wanted: Lipizzan
  Lipizzan Wanted

I am searching for a lipizzan at least 14.2 hands tall, but preferably taller and no younger than four. I am looking for a lipizzan to train for high school dressage. For this reason, I would prefer one with a calm tempermant and very willing. I want a lipizzan with a nice extended trot with suspension. Please only contact me if your horse is in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia or one state over from one of these. I am willing to pay no more than 10k. Email me with a picture, video and a description including age, dressage level, tempermant and price.
Buyer: Harper


Date Placed: Friday, December 28, 2012
Breed Wanted: Any
  Seeking Dressage /Event/Trail Prospect

I'm looking for a warmblood or warmblood cross(I am open to other breeds but no full drafts, TBs or Arabians) prospect that would be suitable for dressage, trails, jumpers and eventing. Must be at least 15.3, preferably taller(I am 5'7), between 5-7 yo, be at least green broke with basic dressage training, good movement, any color and the scope for 1-1.15 meter jumpers. No show experience necessary but at least some trail experience preferred. mare or gelding. Must be 100% sound with no vices! Low maintenance preferred. MUST be willing, quiet, sane and brave! Will provide loving, long term home. Must be in California, the closer to San Francisco, the better! Budget up to 10 k. Please email me a description, a conformation shot and a video(loose and under saddle), thanks!
Buyer: K


Date Placed: Wednesday, December 19, 2012
Breed Wanted: Any
  Older Schoolmaster

Amateur dressage rider seeking a quiet FEI schoolmaster to trade for a super talented GOV filly. My filly is a Sandro Hit grandbaby and has excellent gaits and a quiet mind. Recent photos and video are available. She will mature to 17 hands and already ties, leads, loads, trailers, bathes, and tolerates clippers. She has had extensive handling is very outgoing. Turns 2 in April and should be easy to start. Definite FEI prospect or could be a wonderful addition to your breeding program! Schoolmaster would remain in full training at a beautiful facility with indoor and top notch care. Mild maintenance OK but must be sound and at least 16.2 hands. Prefer a horse on the east coast. References available.
Buyer: Klementine


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