For Sale:  $400 USD  -  Swedish Warmblood - FEI Dressage Schoolmaster for Partial Lease
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I am open to another half leasor on her until next fall when I will change my situation for her.

Sora is a 20 year old SWANA mare imported from Sweden as a two year old. I got her badly greenbroke at 8 having had three babies. She is now 20, had two more babies, competed PSG, and In the last few years with leasors with only a few years of riding experience, the leasor was able to get her bronze medal on her. She is also a super trail horse and smart and fun in any situation. She is super SAFE. I have no doubt she will easily do all of the work well into her late 20's. The first horse I trained to FEI was sound and easily doing all of the I-1 work at 31, and showing I-1 until 28 (and I didn't stop because he couldn't do it.) I know about training and conditioning horses to be very sound and long-lived.

She has competed through PSG, has a nice piaffe, OK passage, and everything else. Her changes are not always clean, so I didn't want to push her further when I have her two daughters to ride (and I can't ride three horses anymore.) So, I'm willing to sell for the right situation for her. I have a sponsor who loves her, but know if the right situation comes up, she may go to a new home.

She is barefoot and really solid. I have kept her on Previcox because it seems to help a bit, but I stopped using it, and she's doing great. (Last video is no Previcox.) Though at her age is never going to be perfect, she is sounder than she's ever been. She is only 15.3, but has a really big barrel on her. (I'm on her in the video and pictures and am 5'9".)She can be super sensitive and pushy, but is super when you bond with her. She is a super trail horse and loves living in her pasture with her herd (daughters.) She can do anything on the trail and can out Man From Snowy River any horse, and anyone can ride her. She is very well mannered and exposed to everything.

When you push her and work hard, you need to know how to ride. She's really strong now and feeling good, so wants to work, but she is very sensitive, so will not just do everything push button, so she teaches you how to ride. You can do most work just off your seat.

I am 5'9", and you can see that though I am big on her, she has a big barrel. I think someone smaller and that weighs less than me (I weigh a LOT more than it looks) and is sensitive is best.

Either way, she's not a horse the judges love, but she can do it all and get the scores. Over the past few years she's become the Steady Eddie schoolmaster who is the easy one at shows. If you ride well, she is impressive.

She would be great for someone smaller and lighter than me who wants to show and do some fun stuff. Not the right situation for you if you don't like trail riding and having fun and just want to ride in circles in an arena. Of course she has all what I consider basics--ties, clips, self loads on trailer, opens and closes gates from the saddle, has loved with cows, we get wild pigs and turkeys on trail all of the time, and she knows basic manners. If she doesn't do it, it's just because she's testing you to see if you really mean it.

I feel she has so much to offer, I don't want it to go to waste, so want to put it out there to see if there is something right for her. I am perfectly happy keeping her and it's not a big financial issue. She has a half leasor now and the other one could not do it any more (after getting 2/3rds of her scores for a bronze) so a new leasor would be ONLY, ONLY on property in Castro Valley in the pasture, so anyone who doesn't like dirt, mud, or dealing with rain in the winter is not a good choice. If you are and want to show, you can come to shows with me, as well has have fun on trails and in the arena.

For Sale:  $400 USD
Name: Sambuca
Breed: Swedish Warmblood
Registered: Yes
Sire: Sack
Dam: Indora

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Dressage: Training at Prix St. Georges and Showing at Prix St. Georges
Jumping: Level 1 (3ft 0in)

Registries: SWANA

Terms: Options only for the best situation.

Current Location: Castro Valley  CA,  USA

Ad ID: 39565
Updated: 1/4/2019
Foaled: 1998
Gender: Mare
Height: 15.3
Color: Bay
Temperament: 6
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Trail riding

PSG 64%

Here is the last show I rode in 2014,. This is 4-3. We got 64%. This is pretty typical and you can see the issues (with her and me!) and that she can do it. I'm sure if I had someone watching me regularly and correcting all of the errors I see myself doing, we could make it better.

Sept. 2018 I have ridden her once or twice a year in the past four years. This is me getting on her with a few circles warm up before this. I'm pretty impressed! You can see we're not quite synced on signals, but she's trying. I didn't want to overdo it since she hasn't been doing a lot of this. Nice piaffe, eh? Once she figures it's what you want, she loves it.

Name: Shareen Purcell
City: Hayward
State: California
Country: United States of America
Phone: (510) 727-1571

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