Saintly horse for pleasure riding or broodmare!

For Lease: Private Treaty WFS ID: 16820
Name: Nuevo de Glendalough  Foaled: 2005
Registered: Yes  Gender: Mare
Breed: German Warmblood  Height: 16.2
Color: Bay
Dressage: Training at  1st Level
 Prefer local lease - on farm only at this time. 

  Incredibly kind, consistent, forgiving, unflappable horse! Perfect horse even for a nervous amateur getting back into riding.

Ideal broodmare or recipient candidate - very easy for reproductive work, easy pregnancy and foaling, good to work around with foal at side, no vices, excellent for vet/farrier.

Has been ridden by hubby on trail and did a superb job taking care of him.

Will do anything and everything asked or her. To date she has been trail riding, ponying horse, camping, drives, jumped (very little), and is schooled in dressage. She knows lateral work and is easy for a novice to experience the movements.

She has a wonderful temperament, is never mareish, gets along with everybody, yet is not a pushover. She does not take advantage of her rider, and forgives all mistakes. Not over reactive to cues, but is sensitive and does not need to be prodded constantly to keep working.

Super match for a person who can appreciate a sensible partner. She does not need to be lunged - does not get hot. Can ride daily or twice a year, she knows her job.

Due to pasture injury she is light/trail riding only. Ideal broodmare candidate!

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Nuevo de Goya