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Theraplate for sale

about 3 years old. in good condition, works great for rehab, Comes in two pieces for easier nadling 

For Sale: $3,900

Ad Updated 8/12/2018

Seller: jaki hardy
Home Phone: 7075365553
Work Phone: 7075365553

Ad ID: 34164

Location: CA, USA


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Pacific Carriage Wagonette

This Wagonette was the proto type for the Omega. It comes with four German Lessing safety quick releases at 14,000 psi and pole straps. It has a spring/shock supported pole for horses with breastplate harness, and it came with an attached single-tree for it to be driven as a single horse vehicle. Single would be OK for Pleasure shows on the flat but not ok for marathons, etc. It is more suited for pairs or fours. It has hydraulic rear brakes. Never been in an accident, used only for shows. In Bronson, Florida. Immaculate Condition, as shown. Was $14,000.00 new.  

For Sale: $6,000

Ad Updated 3/1/2018

Seller: Bonnie Derry
Ranch/Farm:Endymion Farms
Home Phone: 3523060302
Work Phone: 2509385045

Ad ID: 34153

Location: FL, USA

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